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Multi-platform tool that splits and rejoins files

Multi-platform tool that splits and rejoins files

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Program by: Freebyte

Version: 3.0

Works under: Windows


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HJSplit is a utility that enables users to join, split and verify files. HJSplit is perfect for breaking down files to make them more manageable for uploading, downloading or archiving on removable media. The utility enables you to specify the sizes of the chunks it splits your files into, and it can resemble split files as well. You can generate a checksum for split files, which is a verification number that can be used to determine if a file was reassembled properly. HJSplit is a lightweight program that's packed with powerful features and is perfect for managing large files.

Using HJSplit

There's no ambiguity in using HJSplit. The program's main menu plainly displays the utility's features. Splitting a file is a matter of selecting HJSplit's "Split" option, browsing for a file to split and selecting the utility's "Start" option. Before starting your split, you can use the options in the Split menu to specify the sizes of each chunk and designate an output location for the split files.

Combining files with HJSplit is just as simple. After selecting the utility's "Combine" option, simply direct the program to the first file in the series of split files. If desired, you can designate an output location for the reassembled file before combining the pieces of your split files.

Like the rest of HJSplit's features, the Checksum ability is intuitive and requires minimal steps. After reaching the Checksum menu, simply point HJSplit to the file for which you'd like to generate a checksum. After HJSplit has scanned the file, it will present you with a checksum number that you can archive along with your split files.

The Verdict

HJSplit isn't much to look at, but it will do everything you expect it to do with outstanding performance. You can be assured that HJSplit's processes are optimized for speed and performance, as there are no frills or unnecessary elements of the utility.


  • Lightweight build
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reliable processing
  • Enables you to generate checksums


  • A Dated interface